Friday, April 18, 2014

Brandywine Pizza Review

Another day, another pizza joint to try. This time around, the GF and I hopped on Grubhub and settled on Brandywine Pizza.

Chicken Tenders ($7.75)

The GF was in the mood for chicken tenders and Brandywine Pizza was on point with fairly standard, yet effective ones. Crispy and moist, these hit the spot. The accompanying sweet honey mustard was a nice complement. They also came with crispy waffle fries that were great.

Cheeseburger Platter ($9.75)

We were also in a burger-kind of mood so decided to try their cheeseburger platter. The burger was decent and came on a seeded bun - nothing special, but not that bad either. These came with waffles fries as well and a pat of mayo-based cole slaw.

Sicilian Pizza ($15.95)

And of course, the raison d'etre (at least for me). I was in the mood for Sicilian, but unfortunately Brandywine Pizza's iteration was lacking. The dough was incredibly dry and likely frozen. There was lots of cheese and marinara, but was the type that falls completely off the pizza. Sicilians should be airy, almost foccacia-like. This was the opposite unfortunately.

The one thing about Brandywine Pizza is that their delivery service is pretty quick. Pro-tip: orders above $30 come with a free two-liter and those above $35 come with a free small pizza (though likely made from the same frozen dough as the Sicilian). You had to mention it when you order though. I don't know if I'll try Brandywine Pizza's pizza again, but chicken tenders and waffle fries? Done.

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