Thursday, March 13, 2014

Midtown Diner III Review

Unless you're on South Street, there really aren't many places in Center City Philly that are open late on the weekends. And even on South Street, most joints close at or before 2AM. That makes the belly of this pig sad - especially after a Saturday night out. I suppose I've been spoiled by NYC's late night food scene. 

Still there are some options out there. Having tried Midtown Diner II around Midtown Village, the GF and I decided to get some late night eats from Midtown Diner III in the Rittenhouse area. Keep in mind, we're talking about drunk-tank food in a diner setting - affordable, edible (at best), and open 24 hours. But really, sometimes that's all you need at 3 or 4AM.

Mozzarella Sticks [$6.45]

The GF was in the mood for mozzarella sticks so we had to get those. Clearly frozen, these could have been fried a bit longer. They were a bit doughy and the marinara was definitely needed to offset some of the freezer burn. 

Cheeseburger [$6.55]

Despite the number of drinks I had that night, I took a bite of this cheeseburger and realized there was definitely no cheese involved! Perhaps they were out? Still, the burger hit the spot, though it was clearly just a standard diner-style burger. No medium-rare cookery going on here. 

Fries [$2.95]

We also got an order of fries. We got takeout so they were unfortunately a bit soggy by the time we got home 10 minutes later. They were seasoned with salt, but a bit starchy. Still, sometimes you just need some carbs to soak "it" up.

If you're coming to the Midtown Diner III expecting great diner food, you may be disappointed. Keep in mind, this is a review of late night eats so the expectations have to be lowered just a bit and there's the chance that the regular menu is decent. Overall, while the quality could be better, the fact that it's open 24 hours is nice.

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