Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Spot Review

On a recent night, the GF and I felt like getting some good ol' American grub - burgers, cheese steaks and fries. So we hopped on Seamless and decided to give The Spot a shot. Located in Rittenhouse Square, they offer a typical Greek 'diner-esque' menu, which is to say that most items imaginable for traditional American fare will be on said menu.

Cheese Steak [$7.29]
Beef, sharp provolone, onions

The cheese steak was piled high with well-seasoned chopped steak that unfortunately was a tad dry. The sharp provolone provided a bit of funk and the fried onions were interspersed throughout. The roll housing the beef was extremely soft and pillowy, without any semblance of texture.

Not one of the worst cheese steaks I've had in Philly, but certainly not the best. Ordering online was a bit annoying because when you order the 'cheese' steak, you actually need to add the cheese manually for an additional 50 cent charge. So what did I do? Ordered the regular steak sandwich, and add the cheese there so you don't lose out on a dollar just because you want some cheese on your cheese steak. So look out for that! 

Cheeseburger [$4.99]
Angus beef

The quality of the Angus beef was quite good and the fact that you can order your burger's temp is appreciated. The GF went with medium, though this came closer to medium-well. No lettuce or tomato was offered for the burger unfortunately. Still, it was nicely char-grilled and covered with an abundance of American cheese. The brioche-type bun was quite nice and housed the meat perfectly.

 The burger and the cheese steak both came with a bag of Ruffles potato chips, 
which was appreciated.

10'' Buffalo Chicken Calzone [$9.99]
Chicken, blue cheese, hot sauce, onions, peppers

The buffalo chicken calzone was a great iteration of the dish. The creamy ricotta blended well with an abundance of mozzarella, blue cheese, and moist chicken. The Spot allowed the addition of onions and peppers without any additional charge.   

The dough of the calzone was crusty and a blanket of delicious cheese coated it perfectly. Despite the number of ingredients, the calzone held up well to delivery.

Mega Fries [$5.79]
Mozzarella cheese, cheese wiz, bacon, side of ranch

If I see Mega Fries on the menu, I'll usually order it. The fries were crispy and completely covered with mozzarella and crispy chunks of bacon. I appreciated that they followed through on my request for Whiz on the side. The fries also came with ranch dressing, which helped to bring this artery-clogger over the top and render each bite creamy. 

The Spot can provide a satisfying meal that requires a few hours on the treadmill after the requisite coma. It reminds me a bit of Pandoras, though not necessarily on their level. But it wouldn't hurt to give The Spot a try if you're aching for some gut-busting delivery or are in the neighborhood.

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