Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Italy Pizzeria Review

One of my favorite pizzerias in Philly is Little Italy Pizzeria, right off of South Street. Knowing that their pizza is on point, the GF and I decided to try their other menu items this time around. So we got on Grubhub and put in order. Once I realized you could order pizza by the slice though, naturally, I had to get a slice as well!

Cheese Steak ($6.50)
Beef, provolone, onions

But first, I decided to check out their cheese steak. The roll was soft and the beef was juicy - a nice iteration, but nothing that bowled me over. Unfortunately, there was not enough cheese interspersed throughout the cheese steak. Still, I ate it all.

Eggplant Parmigiana ($6.75)

The seeded roll was really nice and there was plenty of eggplant, which was unfortunately a bit too mushy. The cheese was plentiful on this hero though and the marinara was subtly sweet.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza ($3.05)

The aforementioned pizza. I don't know if there's an error with GrubHub or this is how Little Italy Pizzeria rolls, but when you order by the slice, you MUST add a topping (for an additional 30 cents). Somewhat annoying. In any case, the bacon I decided to add was on point - really crisp, fresh, and meaty. The chicken was juicy and pizza as a whole was slightly spicy - right on the lips.

4 Piece Chicken Fingers ($6.25)

The GF was really in the mood for only chicken fingers, so we got some of those. The chicken was lightly battered, yet crisp, which was nice. The accompanying fries were deliciously creamy and well-fried.

Mega Fries ($5.25)

Couldn't help but order these bad boys - especially when they're advertised as being 'mega.' And 'mega' they were. The fries were crisp, the bacon was meaty, and the cheese sauce was provided on the side, as requested. Amazingly perfect - to make sure I was at the gym for hours the next day.

Beer Battered Onion Rings ($3.75)

While the batter was sweet and malty, the onion rings didn't hold up well via delivery due to moisture-lock and thus, were soggy. The marinara was subtly sweet, with a hint of herbs.

 I know Little Italy Pizzeria makes great pizza, but I was happy to see that most of their other menu items are on point as well.

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