Monday, August 19, 2013

28 West Review

This is for a series of posts for the Borgata Hotel & The Water Club including: Bobby Flay Steak, Wolfgang Puck American Grille, The Cafeteria, Tony Luke's, N.O.W., Metropolitan, Sun Room, Fat Burger, 28 West, Gelato, and the Borgata Buffet.  

It was unfortunate when West Coast celebrity chef Michael Mina's Sea Blue closed at the Borgata Hotel, Casino, & Spa. One of the better, if not best, seafood restaurants was lost to AC at the end of last year.

Unfortunately, the high price points and lack of name recognition on the East Coast underscored its demise. But in its place came 28 West, which offers gastropub fare in a swanky environment. 

The vibe emanates swank and jazz, but the pianist playing Billy Joel was still appreciated. 

Blueberry Cosmopolitan ($12)
Vodka, elderflower liqueur, white cranberry juice, lemon juice, blueberries, simple syrup 

The GF started off the night with a blueberry cosmo. Clean flavors and not overly saccharine, there was an enjoyable tartness as well. 

Bourbon Blackberry Collins ($12)
Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, blackberries, club soda

I've been on a whiskey/bourbon/scotch kick as of late and this was surprisingly refreshing. The weight of the bourbon was lightened up by the countervailing sweetness of the lemon juice and simple syrup. The muddled blackberries were a nice touch as well.

Eggplant Caponata ($6)
Roasted eggplant, sweet Italian sausage, Moroccan spice, EVOO, grilled crusty garlic bread

If an eggplant appetizer is on the menu, I'll most likely order it. This was a delicious iteration that was heightened by the sweet sausage and the Morrocan spices evoked curry flavors. While the "grilled" bread did not seem have any notes of garlic or grill marks for that matter, it was texturally on point to house the smooth, smoky caponata.

Salad 28 ($10)
Petite lettuce, frisée, pear tomatoes, watermelon radish, cranberries, grapes, green apple, Romano cheese, muscatel vinaigrette

The GF was in the mood for rabbit food as well, so we ordered the salad, which was actually well dressed with the moscato vinaigrette. The understated sweetness was a perfect counterpoint for the bitter greens. There were a lot of components to the plate including the pear tomatoes, watermelon radish, grapes, cranberries, candied pecans, and Romano cheese - oh my! 

Fish and Chips ($12)
Crispy beer batter, duck fat fries, lemon, caper, tarragon remoulade 

For her main, the GF went with the fish and chips. The crispy batter housed a delicate, meaty white fish. The tartar sauce was nicely tart, with the dill coming through. The pittance of duck fat fries were limp and a bit greasy however. They were well seasoned though. 

Angus Burger ($12)
White cheddar, bacon, crushed avocado, red onion jam

In general, 28 West offers bar bites a la gastropub fare. And indeed, the burger her was petite. However, it was incredibly juicy. Ordered medium-rare, the burger came out closer to medium.

Still, the meat was well seasoned and succulent. The creamy avocado and white cheddar, the tart sweetness of the red onion jam, and the crispy, smoky bacon complemented each other perfectly. The sesame bun was toasted nicely as well.

Similar to the GF's entree, these fries were also greasy and limp, but well seasoned. The accompanying garlic aioli was nice.

Overall, if you're looking for great gastropub fare at affordable prices, 28 West is a great bet (you are in a casino after all!). The fries could be upgraded a bit, but other than that, I'm excited to try the other bites on the menu! 

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