Friday, July 19, 2013

By George! Pizza, Pasta, & Cheesesteaks Review

Located across the way from Iovine Bothers Produce in Reading Terminal Market, By George Pizza, Pasta, & Cheesesteaks may have a generic, overproduced name, but the grub on offer is homemade and for the most part, on point.

Their pizza is pretty good and they've got quite the variety of specialty pies.

The Italian antipasti, salads, and apps are fresh, if not a bit pricey. 

To accommodate the lunchtime rush, they've also got a bevy of specialty sandwiches.

  Homemade marinara anyone?

Or some freshly made pasta?

Heck, they even make croutons! 

But let's get on with the food! When I saw an offer for a cheese steak combo, I knew I had to give them a try.

Cheese Steak Combo ($12)
Cheese Steak, Small Fries

The cheese steak was pretty decent here. There was plenty of chopped steak in this sandwich, though it was a bit dry from being on the flattop too long. Regardless, the meat was well seasoned and filled with fried onions. The Carangi roll was fresh and the sharp provolone provided some necessary funk to the cheese steak. However, keep in mind - there's a dollar add-on if you're going down the provolone route, though it's not advertised nor was I informed. Slightly annoying.

The fries are cooked in peanut oil. However, by the time I brought them home (and perhaps some fault lies in this), they were damp and slightly soggy - not exactly crisp.

White Slice ($3.75)

The pizza at By George is pretty damn delicious though. The white slices in particular are a favorite of mine, with a chewy crust.. Garlic is nicely highlighted amidst all of the cheese.

If you're looking for Italian eats or decent pizza and are near RTM, be sure to check out By George. If you need some antipasti, this is the place to get a wide variety of them as well.

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