Sunday, June 2, 2013

N.O.W. Review

This is for a series of posts for the Borgata Hotel & The Water Club including: Bobby Flay Steak, Wolfgang Puck American Grille, The Cafeteria, Tony Luke's, N.O.W., Metropolitan, Sun Room, Fat Burger, 28 West, Gelato, and the Borgata Buffet.  

If you're looking for Asian flavors and are at the Borgata, look no further than N.O.W. (Noodles of the World), located in the middle of the casino floor.  It's casual dining, but with dishes that are well presented and surprisingly on point.

So get in line and be prepared to wait if you're dining with more than one other person. This is communal dining at its finest - there are only a few tables for two - the rest are long communal tables. But if you're lucky - you might score some seats by the noodle bar.

Note the requisite Siracha, and you know at the very least, you can spice things up, Asian-style.

Young Coconut Juice ($4)

I wanted to quench my thirst after a long run at the blackjack tables, so opted for some coconut juice. This was refreshing and interesting, with the addition of fresh slices of actual coconut on the bottom. 

Cream Cheese Rangoon ($6.50)
Crispy wonton wrapper filled with cream cheese, scallions, and sweet and sour plum sauce  

I love a good crab rangoon, so knew I had to order this. These were on point - crispy, piping hot, and filled with cream cheese and scallions. 

Grilled Chicken Satay ($7)
Grilled chicken, sa cha spice, peanut dipping sauce, hoisin sauce 

I also decided to try N.O.W.'s take on chicken satay. Imbued with a peanut marinade and some chili, these were nicely grilled and moist. The spice had some heat to it, 
which was tempered by the peanut sauce.

Curry Chicken ($16)
Chicken, onions, potatoes, curry, chili sauce, peanut butter, coconut milk served with steamed white rice

The GF opted for the curry chicken, which was a home-y iteration of the dish. The curry was creamy with a nice base of coconut milk. It was filled with potatoes, onions, and juicy chicken - perfect to top the white rice.

She could barely finish half the dish, so obviously, I was a perfect gentleman and finished the rest.

BBQ Angus Short Ribs ($18)
Short ribs, kimchi, soy sauce, black pepper, served with steamed white rice 

When one thinks of short ribs, a huge braised short rib on a single massive bone comes to mind. When a Korean thinks of short ribs, several strips of 'LA' galbi - sliced cross-sectionally - come to mind. These were a perfect representation of this oft-enjoyed dish. The short ribs were typically marinated - sweet and sticky. However, the kimchi was merely passable and could have been more plentiful.

N.O.W. is definitely the place to spend your comps if you're craving Asian food while at the Borgata. This isn't Panda Express - the dishes are actually representative of Thai, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine. And more importantly - they're tasty.

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