Thursday, June 13, 2013

Devil's Alley Review

Located in Rittenhouse Square, Devil's Alley offers a variety of BBQ and pub fare. It seems like a great place to go for happy hour, but the GF and I recently met up for a workday lunch. 

The interior is very sleek, with two levels offering tons of seating.

Heck, they even have a sky light, but on with the food!

The Devil Burger ($11.95)
1/2 lb. sirloin burger, onion rings, fries, cheese sauce 

I ordered the burger medium, but unfortunately it came closer to medium-well, with a small amount of pink. What was more unfortunate was the lack of seasoning and the dry patty. The accompanying cheese sauce was even less seasoned and quite bland. The fries and onion rings were decent, but couldn't save the dish.

Alley Salad ($11.90)
Grilled chicken, mixed greens, seasonal vegetables, goat cheese, dijon herb vinaigrette

The GF opted for a salad with a grilled chicken add-on and clearly this was the way to go. The greens were fresh and the seasonal vegetables included snappy asparagus, roasted potatoes, and plum tomatoes. The grilled chicken was nicely charred and juicy. The salad was well dressed and was a nice complement to the tangy goat cheese. 

Mac n Cheese ($5)
Tomato jam

The mac n cheese seemed to be made with the cheese sauce that accompanied my burger and thus, this definitely wasn't the best I've had. However, the tomato jam had a nice tang to it and the portion size was impressive.

Lunch at Devil's Alley was a bit disappointing but they do have a wide variety of options. You would think the house special burger would be better, but it may have just been an off-day. I do want to come back another time to try their BBQ - hopefully that will fare better.

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