Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 South Street Festival

The advent of the warmer months brings about a great time in Philly - the arrival of multiple street festivals. Recently, the GF and I went down to the South Street Headhouse Spring Festival.

Between 2nd and 8th on South Street, the area was cordoned off so food, drink, 
and music could be enjoyed!

Even the kids were out to hock their lemonade!

Multiple posts were set up to offer beer on tap, especially around Brauhaus Schmitz, the parent restaurant/beerhall of Wursthaus Schmitz! Brauhaus was celebrating their first annual Maifest.

But the first stop for food? Chef Mitch Prensky's Scratch Biscuits.

The same Chef Prensky of Supper fame.

Picnic Biscuit ($5)
Cold fried chicken, creamy corn relish, house pickles

The fried chicken was delicious, despite being cold. A meaty addition between subtly sweet biscuits, amidst a corn relish with some bite.

Pigscuit ($5)
BBQ pulled pork, cabbage slaw, mustard aioli

This was a creamier and sweeter biscuit, with the slaw adding texture, and the mustard aioli providing a spicy kick.

Some sponsors were clearly out and about.

Several bands were on display. 

As was Batman, Scorpion, and Poison Ivy outside Atomic City Comics.

Hot Diggity's mobile operation was offering their delicious 'haute' dogs. 

Opa! Belly dancers and a Greek band were providing entertainment outside of South Street Souvlaki.

Chicken Kebob ($2)

The char-grilled chicken was juicy, smoky, and moist. The accompanying BBQ and hot sauce only served to enhance the grilled flavor.

The Lil Pop Shop was on hand to offer their gourmet popsicles, 
something I knew the GF would enjoy.

Raspberry Lemonade ($3)

This was tart, tangy, and sweet. Not sure if I would regularly spend $3 for these, but they were certainly well made.

After what I considered a palate cleanser, we moved on to Copabanana, clearly a play on NYC's historical night club.

Copa Burger ($5)

The burger was extremely well-grilled, well-seasoned, and juicy, despite being cooked to a well-done consistency. The bun was subtly sweet and housed the innards well.

Spanish Fries ($3)

This was a mess of grilled onions, jalapenos, and crisp fries. Savory and spicy, these were nice.

It was nice to see Lorenzo Pizza back open after their fire last year.

And with a random street magician, the South Street Festival was over for another year. Be sure to check out the Italian Market and Rittenhouse Row Festivals this coming weekend! 

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