Friday, May 3, 2013

Omaha Steaks: Burgers Product Review

Recently, I posted about Omaha Steaks and their great steaks. Part of the package I ordered included  four 4 oz. burgers as well. Not exactly Pat LaFrieda Meats here, 
but they're still fresh, delicious, and juicy. 

Just add a little salt and pepper ...

Perhaps a little splash of worcestershire sauce ..

Add a little oil to your pan ..

And get to searing!

Perhaps add a little something to your burger ... like bacon strips ...

And bacon strips! If you've never seen Epic Meal Time, we could never be friends.

So top that burger with some bacon strips (and Jack 'Dagnals' sauce!).

But let's not forget about the cheese!

Put a lid on it and steam it up!

I usually overdo it with the cheese.

Get that money shot and enjoy your burger from Omaha Steaks!

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