Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potbelly Sandwich Works Review

Back when I was in Chicago for college, my friends and I would often stop by Potbelly Sandwich Works for a quick bite to eat. Offering delicious sandwiches, Potbelly's 'Wreck' would always hit the spot. So when I moved to Philly, I was thrilled to see several outposts. While the one near Midtown Village closed last year, there's another right in between work and home. So it was the perfect spot for a midweek lunch with the GF.

One thing that's different between the college days back in the previous decade and now - Potbelly's now 'super-sizes!' Offering Bigs, these mammoth versions of the original are truly 30% bigger. You can also opt for double the meat. But being that I needed to return to work, I opted to get just a 'Big' without double the meat.

The Wreck ($6.60)
Salami, roast beef, turkey, ham, swiss cheese

Just as I remember it. The bread is perfectly toasted and crusty. The Italian meats are savory and salty, complemented by the subtle hints of cheese from the Swiss. The mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, and sweet peppers are perfect complements for this melange of flavors.

Grilled Chicken ($6.20) 

The GF's beautifully manicured nails had a sandwich filled with moist chunks of grilled chicken. The mayo wasn't over the top in this sandwich, so the other flavors of the sandwich weren't drowned out.

Potbelly Sandwich Works isn't fine dining to be sure. But they offer a great sandwich for an affordable price. And the Center City location has plenty of seats and a bunch of options for every palate. Be sure to check it out!

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