Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kite and Key Review

On a recent trip to the Whole Foods on Callowhill, the GF and I stopped by Kite and Key for brunch. While Sabrina's is right around the corner, the huge lines are always a bother (unless you know how the proper protocol - wink, wink) and it's nice to know you still have a nice meal at this pub.

Fried Pickles ($6)
Chipotle dipping sauce

We started off with the 'frickles' and were surprised when they came out so huge! The ones I've previously tried at other places are usually thinly sliced and crisp like potato chips. But these were 
great in their own right.

The crisply fried batter provided a nice heft that wasn't the least bit greasy, with the pickles adding an expected vinegary tang. The chipotle dipping sauce was on point with a bit of smoky heat that didn't linger. In fact, I caught myself dipping my fork in the sauce. Sorry I'm not sorry! 

Mixed Greens Salad with Chicken ($11.50)
Mixed greens, granny smith apples, goat cheese, roasted shallot & balsamic vinaigrette

The GF's salad was fresh and vibrant. The greens were well-dressed with a light vinaigrette. The grilled chicken was juicy and moist, with the tangy goat cheese and the julienned apples brightening up the dish. 

Kite and Key Burger ($10.75)
1/2 pound ground Angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried shoestring onions, toasted brioche, fries

I requested the burger medium-rare and unfortunately, it came a bit over medium. Still, having previously had the burger here, I knew it would be well-seasoned enough that the patty would still be delicious. 

The crisply fried bacon, the non-greasy, perfectly fried onions, and the abundant cheddar helped to added heft to the burger. The brioche housed the burger well despite the number of ingredients. The accompanying fries were lightly salted, thin, and crispy.

So if you're by Callowhill and were planning on heading to Sabrina's, don't hesitate to consider Kite and Key for brunch. And of course, if you're looking for some drinks and snacks at night, they've got you covered there as well! 

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