Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cravings Review

On a recent weeknight, the GF and I decided to order in via GrubHub. We decided to check out Cravings, located by Rittenhouse Square. They had standard fare, but exactly what we were .. errr ... craving.

Pepperoni Slice ($2.50)

This was a deliciously greasy slice with a crispy crust - reminiscent of a genuine NYC slice. Yum.

Wing Dings ($5.99)

These wing dings were deliciously crispy and came 7 to an order. They also came with well-seasoned fries that were pretty good for being delivered! The wing dings weren't as good as Pandoras', but better than most. The accompanying blue cheese was chunky and funky - the perfect complement to these savory, moist wings.

Cheeseburger ($5.75)

This was an extremely small burger. Decent, moist, but housed in a flimsy bun as well. The saving grace? The fries - golden, crispy, and seasoned.

Cheese Steak ($5.95)

I suppose for the price, I got what I paid for. But even so, this was a bit of a mess. Sure - I asked for some pepper seasoning on the cheese steak, but I expected the steak itself to be seasoned and then grilled. Rather, it's clear that the pepper was simply sprinkled on. The primary disappointment lay in the meat itself. Most likely frozen, this was extremely dry. The provolone? I saw hints of the cheese at the one end of the sandwich, nowhere else.

I don't know if I would order from Cravings again anytime soon. The pizza, fries, and wing dings were decent, but the rest were extremely lackluster. I suppose one can't expect everything from one location - especially at these affordable price points.

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