Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lucky Old Souls Burger Food Truck Review

If there's one food truck that I have really wanted to try, it was Lucky Old Souls Burger. Unfortunately being a working stiff and someone who prefers to use the corporate gym during lunch, it's hard to stop by Love Park during LOS' hours, which are between 11AM and 3PM. If you're unsure about the days and times - be sure to check out ChowSpotter, a great resource for food trucks in Philly! 

So how did I get the opportunity to finally try LOS' delicious grass-fed beef? I've been blessed with the opportunity to work from home on Fridays. So I left the apartment and walked a few blocks to Love Park where I noticed that the line was five or six people deep. That resulted in a ten minute wait, which was fine with me!

LOS exudes a cool and hip aura which is evidenced all over their truck. 
This ain't no ordinary food truck!

After taking a look at their extensive menu (especially for a food truck!),
I couldn't help but order a bunch of items off the list.

The Special ($9.50)
Local grass-fed beef burger, caramelized parsnip hash, Lancaster jack cheese, house-cured bacon, house-made mayo

I opened up this bad boy and inhaled the deep flavors emanating from the high-quality burger and the sweet and savory parsnip hash.

Burgers here can be be cooked well, medium, or rare. I opted for medium - it actually came out exactly how I wanted it - almost medium-rare. The buns are amazing - perfectly pillowy and not at all soggy - a great vessel to house all the ingredients and sop up the resultant juice.

The parsnip hash? That was gangster. Sweet, deep, rich. The sweetness was balanced by the heft of the burger, the crispy smokiness of the house-cured bacon, and the spicy jack cheese. This burger should be a regular on LOS' menu. A must-order if you see it.

L.O.S. Burger ($9)
Lancaster County grass-fed beef burger, house-made bacon, smoke cheddar, pickled tomatoes, sauteed onions, L.O.S. sauce

This monster of a burger put LOS on my radar before I even ordered a burger from them. The first thing I noticed was their beautiful bacon - thick, crunchy, not at all greasy. The onions were nicely sauteed and not overly caramelized. And rightly so - this burger was already rich! The special sauce had some to kick to it and brightened up the burger. But the star of the show for me? The pickled tomatoes - genius! These were thick, crunchy, vinegary, tangy. I don't understand why this isn't done more often.

House-made Veggie Burger ($5.50)
Seitan, chickpeas, brown rice

An admitted carnivore, I can't help but occasionally go to the dark side. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I love a good veggie burger. And let me tell you - LOS gets this right as well. This was the first time I've had seitan and I've got to admit - vegetarians don't have it too bad. This was actually a 100% vegan burger as well and the melange of seitan, chickpeas, and brown rice was delicious. The burger itself had a nice spicy kick to it and was not dry at all. The only thing that could have improved this was a little cheese (sorry Vegans) and some of that delicious bacon (oh well Vegetarians). But the patty itself - no need to change that.

Hand-Cut Fries ($3), Bacon Mayo ($.75)

At this point - I was questioning my sanity and wondering again why I had not visited LOS sooner. I assumed it couldn't get better. Then I tried their crispy fries, cooked in 100% peanut oil. Nicely seasoned with sea salt, these were well done on the outside, but perfectly creamy inside. And then - a revelation. Bacon Mayo! Creamy, salty, rich - genius. I could slather this on everything and call it a day. 

The LOS Burger Truck also takes Level Up and credit cards! Use this referral link and you'll get $5 instantly to spend at any location that takes Level Up! And over time, if you spend $50 at LOS, you get another $5 credit. No fees involved! 
The only question I have for Lucky Old Souls is - what would it take to stay in Love Park past 3PM? If there are rules and regs that prevent this from happening, can we get Leslie Knope on the line for us? My question for everyone else is - why are you still reading? Go out and track down the LOS Burger Truck! Get yourself a delicious burger or three and for goodness sake's get some bacon mayo!

Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck
Love Park, Chestnut Hill, Headhouse Market
John F. Kennedy Blvd. and Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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  2. Gwensan - Definitely! I love DiningIn - I truly feel they offer better options for delivery. El Vez and Xochitl are two of my favorites for Mexican in Philly. In fact, feel free to check out post for El Vez (dined in) here -