Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lazaro's Pizza Review

At work, we usually have an office party once a month or so. We typically order a variety of goodies from quite a few places, but when pizza is concerned, we order in from Lazaro's on South Street. Since I didn't have my camera on me, pardon the camera phone pictures.
Still, I couldn't help but sing Lazaro's praises.

What I love about Lazaro's is their thin crust, beautifully buttery and perfectly crispy. Their marinara is sweet, but works surprisingly well with that delicious dough. The slices have some grease to them, but my love a NYC slice involves a little grease. It's the little things in life ...

White Slice

Their white slice comes with ripe tomatoes, creamy ricotta, and fresh basil leaves. Emanating garlic - this is definitely one of my favorites.

Pepperoni Slice

Greasy pepperoni and copious amounts of stringy mozzarella cheese? Nothing wrong with that!

Philly Cheese Steak Slice

This one's a bit disappointing. The shredded steak is a bit dry and the slice itself could use a bit of fried onions on it.  

Sausage Slice

The sausage slice has pretty standard sausage chunks, but it is certainly meaty!

Buffalo Chicken Slice

Buffalo chicken slices are usually my favorite. But Lazaro's iteration uses sweet hot sauce - I prefer something with a spice level that is at least on par with Frank's. Additional the chicken slices are pretty small and blue cheese doesn't emanate that strongly from the slice.

Overall, Lazaro's dough and thin crust are what makes their pizza. The toppings are merely superfluous - unless you choose the right ones. Go for the white pizza and you can never go wrong with pepperoni. But in the end - I'll still be thinking about that buttery, thin crust.

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