Friday, February 1, 2013

Zio's Pizza Review

On a lazy weekend, the GF and I decided to order in from a new pizzeria. So we went with Zio's Pizzeria on 13th Street, not the one on 9th Street, which I believe is different. So, we hopped on Seamless and decided to get it delivered, at no charge!

Unfortunately, the order came thirty minutes late, though granted - the weather was terrible. So we can't fault the driver for that. This resulted in our food being lukewarm, and frankly a bit soggy.

Grandma's Pizza Sicilian ($20)
Fresh mozzarella, sauce, basil, extra virgin olive oil, grated cheese

I was hoping for something along the lines of Coscarino's in NYC. That place knows how to do a proper Queens, NY grandma sicilian. Unfortunately, the quality of the ingredients was just not up to par. The soggy bottom crust and pasty marinara was also unfortunate. However, this was a change of pace from a regular pizza pie.

Panzarotti ($4.95)

Best described as a mini calzone, this was advertised as "deep fried, crispy, and golden brown." Unfortunately, only the latter description was accurate. This was a soggy mess that did not maintain its crispiness. In fact, I could barely make out that this was fried. The inner melted mozzarella and tomato sauce were pretty standard. Should've went with a calzone ...

Wing Zings ($5.95)

Aching for Pandora's "wing dings," I chose these - particularly because I was interested in what exactly a wing zing was. Pretty similar to just a small juicy chicken wing, these were well seasoned. However, when compared with Pandora's dings - they zings were simply not crispy enough for my taste. Mainly because the batter was a bit limp.

Onion Rings ($2)

These onion rings were cheap, crispy, but most certainly frozen. Perfectly uniform, these were a bit bland, though well fried.

Overall, Zio's Pizza brought a big meh from these lips. I expected more from a $20 sicilian and the fact that I was thinking of other restaurants speaks volumes.

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