Monday, February 4, 2013

Square on Square Review

The GF and I had some friends over for dinner one night and we were all in the mood for Asian food. I thought about cooking some fried rice, but figured it would be easier just to order in Chinese for everyone.

So, I hopped on GrubHub and decided to go with my standard choice for Americanized Chinese cuisine in Philly - Square on Square. It may not be the best I've ever had (New York has that on lock down and I'm not even considering Schezuan cuisine as part of this genre), but it gets the job done and is better than most places in Philly. In fact, it was good enough for our friends to ask the name of the place so they could write it down.

Cold Sesame Noodle ($6.50)

We had cold sesame noodles, which were interspersed with a simple Thai peanut sauce and fresh, julienned cucumbers. 
Old-fashioned pot stickers ($6.25)

We had two orders of twice cooked chicken dumpings, which were steamed, then braised.

Chicken Fried Rice ($7.50)

Since our order was over $40, we received a free large chicken fried rice, mixed with peas, eggs, bean sprouts, and scallions.

Vegetable Lo Mein ($8.25)

The vegetable lo mein contained bits of bamboo shoots, snow peas, onions, and mini-corn.

Sesame Crispy Chicken ($11.75)

The sesame crispy chicken was crisp indeed, with a sweet glaze. The accompanying broccoli was steamed, but was not limp at all, maintaining their innate texture.

General Powell Spicy Chicken ($11.75)

Usually known as General Tso's chicken, the Powell version is dipped in egg batter and deep fried. It's then sauteed in a sweet glaze. The spiciness wasn't pronounced in this dish, but it wasn't anything a little Siracha hot sauce couldn't fix.

Chicken with Broccoli ($10.50)

The chicken and broccoli was pretty standard, with nicely roasted broccoli which was much more tender than the ones accompanying the General Powell's and sesame chicken. 

Beef with Broccoli ($11.75) 

The beef with broccoli had similarly tender vegetables, but with succulent pieces of beef as well.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the large magnum of pinot noir that our friends made for us.

This red varietal is notoriously difficult to produce and while I don't consider myself a wine connoisseur, this was easy to drink. Crisp acidity with cinnamon and smoky notes. 

Overall, Square on Square contributed to a fun night filled with laughter and friends. It's not the best Chinese cuisine out there, but for delivery, it's definitely up there for Philly. Great wine doesn't hurt its cause either! 

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