Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sodastream Product Review

I've always been interested in purchasing a Sodastream to make my own tonic water for cocktails, seltzer, and of course, soda! However, the need to buy replacement CO2 cylinders prevented me from pulling the trigger. Of course, knowing this, the GF hinted to her folks that this would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.

So in addition to the actual Sodastream, I received the entire variety pack, which includes samplers for regular and diet versions of cola, pink grapefruit, root beer, lemon-lime, among other sodas.

There is really nothing to set up. You open the Sodastream box and it comes with a good-sized bottle to hold your first batch of home-brewed beverage - carbonated, of course.

Just fill up the bottle with cold water - up to the line!

Prep that CO2 canister!

And screw it in the back - really easy and effortless!

Then, you simply screw in the container with cold water and press the button a few times to quickly carbonate! 

There are many mix-in options available for your carbonated beverage. You can keep it simply seltzer but of course, there's the only standby of ...

Diet 'Coke'!

The instructions are pretty simple - once you carbonate the water, 
you simply add the mix into beverage.

Pro tip: if you prefer Pepsi, put an entire cap full of the mix in.
You'll get that sugary flat taste I typically associate with Pepsi (I'm biased obviously).

But if you prefer the clean, carbonated taste of Coke - 
something that doesn't feel like it's inducing a diabetic coma, just put in a third of a cap. 

Then you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your own carbonated beverage. 
With a Sodastream, you no longer need to store multiple cases of soda and seltzer. 
You don't need to worry about anything going flat.

With the push of a button on the Sodastream, you can get a perfectly crafted beverage that is suited to your own tastes and at a bargain no less.

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