Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sonny's Famous Steaks Review

Walking around Old City, I was by Campo's Deli and noticed Sonny's Famous Steaks. I figured what the heck and decided to try my luck in finding a decent Philly-based cheese steak. As with most other steak joints in Philly, head on in and give your order and they'll make it for you right on the flat top. Quick and easy service. Just a FYI though - there is a $9.99 credit card minimum - somewhat annoying.

Can't fault Sonny's for using Amoroso's rolls for their cheese steaks though - fresh and delivered daily, these are great.

Cheese Steak ($8.37 including tax)
Wit' onions, provolone

Sonny's fresh sliced rib-eye is succulent and juicy. The onions had some bite to them but were so sparse in the cheese steak that I could barely find them. The provolone was perfectly melted, but as you can see - it wasn't interspersed throughout the dish, so it tends to stick to the wrapper. I definitely prefer my cheese enveloped within the meat or placed beneath the meat. It's the little things ...

The meat could have been seasoned (not sure if any salt or pepper was used on the flat top), but overall, this cheese steak was one of the better ones I've had in Philly. Still - not on the level of Philly's Best.

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