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Dub Pies Review

One of my favorite things to do? Read food blogs. Kevineats, Fritos and Foie Gras, and the Wandering Eater are some of my favorites. Lately though, I've also been getting into High/Low Food Drink - a NYC-based food blog detailing a couple's food-related adventures. Recipes, restaurants, and drinks are highlighted well in this blog.

A few months ago, High/Low Food drink offered a contest involving Dub Pies. Based in Brooklyn, NY -  Dub Pies offers gourmet hand-held savory pies that are omnipresent in areas like New Zealand, Australia, and England. Dub Pies' version is familiar to the New Zealand-Australia style of pies. In any case, luckily for me and my tummy, I happened to win this contest and pretty soon - I received 16 of these Down Under pies.

As you can see, Dub Pies takes care to package your pies carefully. They're shipped overnight to the NY, NJ, and PA. They don't charge for handling, but initially, you will need to purchase a small ($9) or large insulated shipper ($11) so your pies stay fresh! If you send it back, they won't charge you for any subsequent orders!

For this shipment, I received 4 each of the Steak & Cheese, Breakfast, Thai Chicken Curry, and Chicken & Vegetable pies (think Chicken pot pie).

Reheating instructions are pretty simple. After allowing the pies to thaw, re-heat the pie for around 15 minutes in your oven. Straightforward and effective as you'll soon see!

Steak Pie (aka Steak & Onion) and Cheese, 4 Pack ($24.50)

This is Dub Pies' signature pie, the Steak pie, with the addition of sharp, white cheddar. This was quite the savory dish. There were chunks of choice top round steak in a dark, onion gravy that was rich and savory - very reminiscent of a french onion soup with a deep stock. The chunks of steak were fresh and juicy. The cheddar was a nice touch - though the glutton that I am - I'd appreciate more. But then this pie would have been bursting at the seams!

Breakfast Pie (4 Pack) $23.00

My favorite of the quartet is the perfect breakfast - it has meaty bacon, sharp white cheddar, protein-packed eggs. All enveloped by a perfectly crispy, flaky, well-seasoned pastry shell. This will fill you up in the mornings!

 Chicken & Vegetable Pie (4 Pack) $24.00

The GF's favorite was this iteration of the pie - and it's easy to see why! Chunks of moist chicken, creamy potatoes that have somehow maintained their shape - filled with fresh carrots and onions. This is all suspended in a chicken gravy with depth. Essentially a chicken pot pie - this is a pie that many will be familiar with, but everyone will be satisfied and excited about.

DUB Thai Chicken Curry Pie (4 Pack) $27.00

While similar to a chicken pot pie - this has great Thai flavors. The green curry is spiced with kaffir lime leaves, ginger, chili, and lemon grass. The coconut milk help to meld the flavors together. The mushrooms, green oinions, and peas make this pie hearty indeed.

Overall, these pies are unique and delicious - but the main draw? It's the pastry that's used in all of these pies. Buttery! Flaky! Perfection. I don't know how they're able to maintain the freshness of the dough, the flakiness of the pastry, and the structure of the dish. Nothing is compromised during the shipment process. I'm still amazed at the fact that none of these pies were soggy in the least. I can see why these buttery pastries are the perfect handheld snack. The US clearly needs to catch on to this craze. Dub Pies is just another reason why Brooklyn is turning into one of the premier boroughs to go to when visiting NYC ... 

FTC Dislosure: I received these products free of charge. 
However, the opinions expressed above are 100% my own and are unbiased in nature.

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