Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bitar's Review

After another day of work - the GF and I were feeling something fresh, perhaps even a bit funky. So we scoured DiningIn and settled upon Bitar's! The reviews on Yelp were great and we were in the mood for healthy, yet delicious Middle Eastern food. Hummus ... ho! Any Thundercats fans out there?

DiningIn was amazing as usual. In fact, they called to let me know that they were 5 minutes late due to traffic and then called when they were a minute away. Great customer service, 
but let's get on with the food! 

Vegetarian Bittza ($5.25)
Tomatoes, onion, feta cheese, and roasted peppers. 

I was interested to try this Middle Eastern taken on pizza. Served on crispy zaatar bread littered with  thyme, sumac, sesame seeds - all dressed with a bit of olive oil, you've got ripe tomatoes, fresh onions, and funky feta melding well with the sweet roasted peppers. A healthy take on pizza, but delicious as well.

 Vegetarian Combo ($8.95)
Grilled falafel, grape leaves, and babaghanuj.

The vegetarian combo showcases Bitar's falafel making skills. Crispy on the outside with a creamy blend of spices within, this was a pretty good, though a tad dry (nothing beats Mama's Vegetarian's though!). The sides were a nice mix which included smooth babaghanuj, which highlighted the creaminess of eggplant. The hummus was similarly creamy, but with the taste and feel of meaty chickpeas accented by fresh, tangy lemon. The tabouli salad was just as tangy - highlighting the fresh, crisp veggies. The dolmades or stuffed grape leaves were filled with creamy, sticky rice.

Mediterranean Combo Chicken ($14.95)
Hummus, babaghanuj, tabouli, dolmades with tatziki sauce and feta or olives, chicken.

The Mediterranean chicken combo was a similar mix of fresh items, but with the addition of huge chunks of feta and chicken! 

The chicken was perfectly moist - lightly marinated and grilled. The tahini sauce was a bit watery, but was a perfect sesame dressing for the requisite chicken gyros that had to be made with the accompanying pitas. 

Overall, Bitar's gets the job done if you're in the mood for fresh tasting, delicious, yet healthy Middle Eastern food. For those of you in South Philly, lucky you! For the rest of for the rest of us who are not within walking distance, DiningIn offers a quick, expedient way to deliver the food directly to your door!

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