Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Dapper Dog Review

If you know anything about me - you know I love a good hot dog with nice snap and dressed with delicious toppings. Calling them gourmet hot dogs might be taking it a bit far ... so let's go tongue in cheek - and just call them 'haute' dogs.

I would easily classify The Dapper Dog in the category of haute dogs. They offer dogs with a nice snap and are topped with an abundance of ingredients that meld well together and simply help to make that perfect bite.

The Commish ($6)
Hot Dog topped with bacon, sharp provolone, peppers, & onions

On this particular day - they offered the Commish. Just looking at the picture above - you know that when you bite into it - you'll be rewarded with a satisfyingly succulent bite of the dog, mixed with  fresh onions and peppers which offer a nice counterpoint to the salty meat. The bacon was hidden underneath the madness and was nicely crunchy, offering a textural contrast. The sharp provolone hit the spot for me as well - pungent as it hits your mouth. If your taste buds are not awake at this point - something's amiss.

The fresh thick roll held this masterpiece together nicely - no spillage and sogginess here! The only way to improve upon this dog? Perhaps adding some creaminess to the mix (not that this dog was dry by any means) - avocado perhaps? garlic aioli? But that would just be insane.

Sweet Smash Balls ($3)
Fried sweet potato balls

As a side, I ordered the sweet smash balls. Not described on their menu - but I knew they had to be good. And they were! These were sweet potato balls - crispy on the outside and perfectly creamy and smooth on the inside. They came out piping hot and offered the creaminess I was slightly desiring from the Commish. Though priced at $1 each - I would've appreciated twice as many - but that's just the glutton in me speaking.

Overall, I'd bite into any of The Dapper Dog's creations. I'm already looking for their next trip to Love Park. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @thedapperdog!

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