Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bubby's Brisket & Bugsy's Weiners Review

When the GF and I first moved into our new apartment, I noticed that Bubby's Brisket and Bugsy's Weiners was nearby. My first thought was, 'Ruh roh - that's dangerous.' Second thought? 'Give in to the brisket - nothing wrong with a little gluttony.'

Unfortunately, this brisket, cheese steak, and hot dog joint has hours that really aren't conducive to the working man (or woman). It's open only on the weekdays and usually closes or sells out of its products by 4PM. So I've only had the chance to try a breakfast sandwich here - a sausage, egg, and cheese on a fresh, long hoagie - for only $4. And enough for the GF and I to split. I noticed they also shaved potatoes right onto the flat top - a nice way to crisp up their home fries.

But really, what I've been hoping to try is their brisket and cheese steak sandwiches. For regular readers, you know I've been on a somewhat disheartening journey to find a great Philadelphia-based cheese steak - something on par with Philly's Best, located in Chicago. And as for brisket? I simply love the taste of slow-roasted beef.

In any case, on one recent afternoon, I was able to catch Bubby's Brisket & Bugsy's Weiners before they sold out of their namesake goods. So I stared up at the menu and settled on a whole brisket sandwich with provolone and a cheese steak, 'wit (fried onions), and provolone. (FYI - you can order a half sandwich too for around $3.50 to $4).

Hand Carved Brisket Sandwich with Provolone ($6.50)
100% USDA Choice Brisket

The first thing I noticed was the fresh roll, moist with the au jus gravy from the brisket. This brisket was chopped, rather than simply carved into strips. Regardless, it was juicy and delicious, albeit a bit salty. There were two slices of non-sharp provolone that were laid below the brisket - two more slices of provolone would have really made this sandwich. 

Cheese Steak ($6.50)
100% USDA Prime Rib-Eye, Fried Onions, and Provolone

Now while the brisket's roll was frankly a bit wet (in a good way), the cheese steak's roll was nice and crusty. The rib-eye was fresh and thinly sliced so did not need more than a few minutes n the flattop. This iteration of the cheese steak tasted good, but was simply not the home run I was looking for. It was missing a certain je ne sais quoi. I don't know what it is. While it was a decent cheese steak, at times, bites were uneven and a bit dry - perhaps from a lack of adequate cheese-age on this sandwich. 

Overall, Bubby's is a great place for a quick, cheap, and satisfying bite. Only downside? It would be great if they increased their hours and availability. But if you're in the area, during the right time, don't hesitate to grab one of their sandwiches. Heck - get a hot dog - they're only $1 and they're 100% all beef. It's what's for dinner - or in Bubby's case - it's what's for breakfast or lunch. 

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