Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rex Style Pizza & Restaurant Review

Nestled between Drexel University's Center City Campus and the Love park area is a small pizzeria by the name of Rex Style Pizza & Restaurant. Craving a simple slice of pizza (or three) after work, I decided to take a chance on this nearby pizzeria, even if I felt like I was cheating on Jake's.

Entering the establishment, I noticed it was quiet, clean, and had a homey feel. Definitely someplace I could definitely see myself coming for a quick bite with some friends before going out. Unfortunately, this pizzeria does not have a display with the types of slices that are readily available. On second thought, that could be a good thing since oftentimes, you see cold, old, and dreary slices sitting in those displays. After asking the lady at the counter - I found out that they do indeed sell pizzas by the slice (phew!).

I ordered a regular cheese slice and being the glutton that I am and in my never-ending quest for a decent Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia, I ordered a cheese steak. My order was under $10 however, so the lady informed me that she needed to add a $0.50 surcharge. Feeling nickel and dime'd - I decided to go overboard and get an additional small order of fries (so glad I did!.

Philly Beef Steak ($6.50) 

This was a hefty sized cheese steak and it looked like it had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, the meat was a tad on the dry side and was not well seasoned. The onions were nicely grilled, but the provolone cheese was clearly lacking in this steak sandwich. Philly ... why do you disappoint me so?

Cheese Slice ($2.50)

A bit on the pricey side for a simple cheese slice. This pizza slice had a nice thin crust - however, the dough was not sufficiently seasoned. There was an extremely minimal amount of mozzarella on top which didn't have a necessarily fresh taste and there was definitely a dearth of sauce underneath the thin layer of cheese. Disappointing to say the least. 

French Fries ($1.99)

Rex for the win! These fries completely redeemed this pizza joint. The small order was plentiful and more importantly the fries were so crispy and light. The innards were perfectly creamy. Thankfully, they were not overly salted (if at all).

Overall, Rex Style Pizza was disappointing - however the fries are perfect. For $2 and its relatively close proximity - I'll be back with the GF for many orders. Remember to bring cash if your order is under $10! FYI - they do have an ATM inside.

Rex Style Pizza & Restaurant
1526 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 557-9555 

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