Friday, November 30, 2012

Revolution House: Yelp Elite Event Review

I first started Yelping (aka posting reviews on Yelp) a few months ago. After just a few reviews, I started receiving compliments on my reviews and eventually, the community manager for Philadelphia contacted me and invited me to apply to become a Yelp Elite. Essentially, you are highlighted as someone who contributes regularly (yay for recognition!), but as an added bonus? You get invites to special Yelp Elite Events (YEE!). Free food? Free drinks? Great times? Count me in!

Situated directly outside the 2nd street station of Market Frankford Line, Revolution House offers two floors of service. The lower level has a few tables, a bar, and the wood-fired oven seen below. The upper level has even more tables, another bar, and an outdoor patio area with heated lamps! A great way to scope out the craziness that comes out in Old City on the weekends.

Our hosts at Revolution House closed down normal service on a Thursday night to treat us to some drinks and treats. They did a wonderful job, working with the extraordinary Philadelphia Yelp team! The place was not too packed, which may be a testament to the space, but it was definitely bumpin'. More importantly, the food and booze was aplenty! It never took more than a minute to get different  varieties of craft beers, cocktails, and wine. Seriously - do you see that table reserved just for wine? Revolution House was ballin'.

The GF and I chose to indulge in cocktails of the seasonal variety - literally.

Fall: This house-made sangria was smooth, fruity, and extremely easy to drink. 

Spring: This vodka-based cocktail had St. Germain and grapefruit juice - sparkly and refreshing. 

Summer: With house-infused pineapple vodka, Meyers rum, and orange juice, this cocktail was a bit creamy, bright, and definitely got the juices pumping.

Winter: This hot apple cider was mixed with spiced rum - it was devilishly inviting, warm, and a GF-approved favorite of the cocktail quartet.

But Revolution House is not only about great drinks - it is also all about food and service. There were two entire buffet-style stations, in addition to the multitude of servers coming around to tables and to guests milling about. We were lucky enough to have scored a table thanks to other Yelp Elite friends. The servers and the rest of the staff were amazing - carrying gargantuan trays of dishes ready to be savored - that picture below? It's an entire baked salmon being carried upstairs.

Simple, yet tasty flat bread crisps? Fresh quinoa salad? Speck? A variety of pizzas baked fresh from the oven? Yes please!

Grilled chicken in a pita? Juicy cheese steak in a pita? Bring it on!

Massive flintstone-sized short ribs? Cheesy lasagna cupcakes with light beet-ricotta 'icing'? Seafood stew with depth? Crab-filled canoli? I'm in heaven!

Fresh cucumber slices with crab meat? Crispy tater tots that are creamy within? More pizza with a deliciously charred crust?  I think I'm getting full!

Dessert? Yes please, exclaimed the GF!

The chocolate ganache was a seriously chocolate-laden circle of goodness. House-made whipped cream - who doesn't love that?

Bread pudding? The GF made me get up to get it from across the room - and it was worth the 5-calorie burn. Sweet, succulent, and creamy. But wait - there was more than meets the eye!

Not pictured here, but trust me on this - there was tiramisu encircled with lady fingers, which had to have been drenched in some sort of rum. I saw eyes roll back in delight when this was devoured. I'm not even a big dessert guy and I scarfed down my good share.

Overall, Revolution House offered great service throughout the night, a dizzying array of tasty dishes, delicious cocktails, and a multitude of craft beers and wines. We've been here to Revolution House before this Yelp Elite Event and we'll definitely be back!

And if it isn't clear by now - post reviews on Yelp! I'm pretty sure most people check Yelp before going out, so why not benefit from it too!

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