Friday, November 16, 2012

Jake's Pizza Review

Having grown up in NYC for the majority of my life, I have a perpetual craving for a good slice. Unfortunately, in the two years I've been in Philadelphia, there have been very few pizzerias that have held up to New York's standards. Now - I'm not talking about artisanal slices with a farm fresh egg cracked on top - though those definitely hit the spot (read: Osteria and Barbuzzo). No - I'm talking about a good old slice that you can fold in half and watch as some of that grease trickles down. Have I caught your attention? Then, read on!

Jake's on Broad Street near Hahnemann University Hospital - a prime location for a pizzeria. If you're considering getting a slice here - I would highly advise coming during prime lunch hours or simply ordering a fresh pie. The ones on display have an 'after hours' look - like they've been sitting there for awhile. However, if you take my advice and order a fresh one - you're in for a treat.

Case in point - one night after work, the GF and I were too tired to cook, so we ordered Jake's for take out. We decided to go with the Primavera.

Primavera Pizza ($15.25)
Olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, artichokes, roasted red peppers, fresh tomato, and mozzarella cheese. 

The combination of the garlicky white pizza, the vinegary tang of the artichokes, and the sweetness of the roasted red peppers hits the spot. The dough itself has a nice bit of chew, though it could have been seasoned with a bit more salt. FYI - this is coming from someone who typically eschews salty food.

Here's a close-up of the toppings on the Primavera. Even though it's loaded, the dough holds up to the sheer amount of toppings. No sogginess here.

The best part of Jake's pizzas? They're great the next day when you re-heat them in the oven - they maintain very well. In fact, the next night, I added pepperoni slices from the Hatville Deli in Reading Terminal Market. I daresay the four slices I consumed on the second night were even better than the previous three the first night.

Geez ... I just realized I only left one slice for the GF. I told you I was a glutton - sorry boo!

I've tried the eggplant parmigiana hero here as well - probably one of the best I've had in Philly. The bread is crusty, the eggplant parm is well seasoned and perfectly meaty for a vegetable.

One last plus for Jake's? You can order on GrubHub, an online takeout/delivery service. FYI - Jake's does charge for delivery. With Grubhub - they also have a game called 'Yummy Rummy,' which allows you to choose from four random cards after you complete 3 orders on the website. You have the chance of winning money of your tab, a free drink, free dessert, or free food for a year!

So check out Jake's - it's not the greatest pizza in the world. But when you're craving a slice of pizza that can hit the spot - it gets the job done.

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